• Office Level Kit Now Available

    Office Level Kit Now Available

  • NuVera Online - Social Virtual World For Grown-Ups

    NuVera Online - Social Virtual World For Grown-Ups

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Developer Content
Developer Content

Nitrous Butterfly works hard to provide quality content that other developers can use in their projects. Take a look at our Developer Content section to see what we offer.


Nitrous Butterfly has created a few games in it's time. Most notably we have released and continue to maintain NuVera Online, a social virtual world for grown-ups.


Read our latest blog for information on what we're working on and what we've been up to.

RTCollada – Runtime Collada Importer For Unity

I’m currently working on a runtime Collada importer for Unity® and making good progress. I’ll have a bit more specific information on release/documentation soon, but I wanted to go over a bit of what RTCollada is all about.

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Sci-Fi Vehicle Pack Update

The sci-fi vehicle pack currently available under Developer Content is a rather old content pack that was originally designed for the Torque Game Engine almost 10 years ago. I’m currently in the process of updating the content pack to include specular and normal maps as well as make it available on the Unity Asset Store. This does not mean we are going to start charging money for it. The Sci-Fi vehicle pack will remain free, but will have some updated maps and a Unity Package for those running the Unity® engine.

This update should be available sometime later this week or early next week so keep an eye out.

New Website

Nitrous Butterfly Logo

Nitrous Butterfly has a shiny new website! This has been something we’ve been wanting to do for quite some time, but have been really swamped working on NuVera Online. While NuVera Online is still our main focus we certainly can’t forget about the core company which is Nitrous Butterfly. Read More